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Resumes : the 3 blunders to avoid !

2023 03 - 3 maladresses CV

Avoid repeating the same information

Have you had the same or similar jobs for multiple employers? Rather than repeating yourself in the part where you describe your responsibilities, concentrate on the quantifiable achievements in each of these positions.

You don’t need to inform the recruiter that you can provide letters of recommendation from your previous employers

First of all, because if the recruiter needs these documents, they will request them. Secondly, because in today’s context of Google and social media, the recruiter, if they need to, can check out your professional track record online and get in touch with your previous colleagues or your former boss to make their own enquiries.

Don’t go into too much detail on your assignments and responsibilities

In one short paragraph, highlight only the responsibilities and tasks that you accomplished that have a direct link to those that will be required of you if you are offered the position that you are applying for. A few figures often say more than a long paragraph.

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