GR Group

GR Group


Since its creation in 1980, GR has been distinguished by its desire to meet the highest expectations of international groups based in Paris.

A long-standing partner of international law firms and Anglo-Saxon investment banks, we support our clients at each key stage of their development, in their search for employees..

The GR group is The specialist in bilingual and bicultural profiles.

Each assignment is a new challenge and an opportunity for us to guarantee you bespoke services, responsiveness, transparency, quality of services, ...

We offer bespoke services in Human Resources :

Our values


Human kind is in the center of all our activities.

We recruit, train, welcome and grow men and women from various backgrounds.

This combination of cultures makes the richness of our identity and is the base of the respect we share in all our companies.

Equality, respect and dignity are essential concepts for the development of our teams.


Quality, quality, quality!

At GR, excellence is not simply an approach, it’s a principle ! An accepted assignment must be a successful assignment !

Our customers are the most demanding environments. Our job: to satisfy them and try to exceed their expectations.

And our clients have been trusting us since 1980 !

Crystal Clear

Objectivity, transparency, and integrity in all of our exchanges.

We strive to always act with fairness and righteousness and work in a relationship of total trust with our clients, candidates, internal collaborators and suppliers.

Therefore, we do everything to deserve your trust.


Our daily life is made of perpetual changes.

It is our ability to understand the expectations of our interlocutors, our adaptability, our ability to always provide new solutions that characterize us.

We welcome change as a challenge and a creative engine.


Audacity brings you anywhere !

Audacity is above all driven by individual initiatives.

It is by taking advantage of everyone's creativity, expertise and vision that the company will have the best chance of remaining innovative, agile and audacious on all fronts.

We encourage our employees to take risks and get out of their comfort zone to unleash their imagination. "Think out of the box" is our credo.