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5 simple suggestions for an effective and concise resume

2023 03 - Conseils CV

Eliminate out-of date experience

Employers are mostly interested in your recent experience, which will allow you to quickly adapt to your new assignment. If you have 20 or more years of experience, only go into detail for the last 10 to 15 years of your career. If these older functions have a direct link to the position you are looking for now, mention them concisely, for example by presenting them as : Initial occupation : ABCompany -- Town -- Job title -- dates

Focus on the most important information

Avoid listing your hobbies, you may not even want to mention your date of birth or marital status. It’s not necessary to say that you know how to search the internet or use Word. For a long time, recruitment specialists have already assumed that these skills have been acquired by all.

Be brief

Don’t use personal pronouns, minimise use of articles (the, a, they, …) when you write your CV.

Delete unnecessary words

Get rid of superfluous words and sentences that take up space on the page but don’t add any real information. For example “accountable for…” or “my responsibilities included…”. The reader will already have understood that you were responsible for the tasks that appear on your resumé !

Only include information that bears a relation to your main goal

Even more importantly for unusual profiles or professionals who regularly change functions or sectors over the course of their careers. This type of candidate should concentrate their resumé on highlighting their transferable skills.

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