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Job interviews - THE CLOTHES MAKE THE (WO)MAN !

2023 03 - habit fait le moine

The first 20 seconds determine the whole interview. The recruiter will evaluate you according to their first impressions. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the interview is limited to these 20 seconds. However, if you set out giving a bad impression, you start with an obstacle. The first thing to do, therefore, is to ensure that you look the part for the position that you are interviewing for and that you are well-presented. Experts estimate that the way we perceive others’ voices and appearance counts for around 80% of the evaluation that we make of them. So, you need to create an affinity with your interviewer.

Tailor your appearance to the situation

A great number of businesses and occupations have specific dress codes. Why? Because your image is also the image of the company that you represent and because when you adopt these codes, you are recognised as part of the team. The way that we dress tells others about us and can influence a recruiter at an interview. By presenting the expected image to the recruiter, you will help to persuade and reassure them. Aim to find a balance between established dress codes and your own personality. However, in tailoring your appearance to your environment, that doesn’t mean that your individuality should be obscured. Your image should remain in balance with your personality. Of course, different positions require different levels of conformity to a dress code. For example, a suit is required for auditors or board meetings, but that isn’t the case for IT technicians or in the world of advertising.

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