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Le Groupe GR membre actif de la FBCCI depuis 35 ans


Founded in 1873, the Franco-British Chamber takes pride in its long and distinguished history. In fact, it is both the oldest British Chamber of Commerce in Europe and the oldest ‘foreign’ Chamber of Commerce in France. In the face of daunting challenges, including two World Wars, the Great Depression and the recent Global Economic crises, the Chamber has proven a remarkably dynamic and adaptable organisation, uniting and assisting the Franco-British business community for 140 years.

The Chamber’s objectives are:

• To promote business trade between the UK and France • To drive and promote the Franco-British business community • To help its members to promote and develop their activity in France and in the UK • To provide members with information and expertise via its network of specialists

More inforamtion on http://francobritishchamber.com/

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