Quality, quality, quality !

For GR, quality is not just a step, it’s a principle !

Our clients have been relying on us for more than 40 years !

Vous êtes client

Vous êtes client

Great recruitment takes experience

You are looking for a team of expert consultants, but above all: effective solutions, even surprising ones. You are hoping for a list of carefully selected, high-quality profiles – and fast. You are looking for candidates who understand the selling points of your company, its organisation, its culture… We are by your side to meet every challenge.
Because each hour is precious, every assignment that you entrust to us saves you time !


Vous êtes client

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Database of hand-picked candidates

You are looking to put all the odds in your favour. You prefer to have a range of choices to find the best role : the one that will allow you to fulfil your potential. You want to draw attention to your qualifications and your drive. Our expert consultants are here for you every step of the way to detail your profile, your abilities and your personality. Our objective: to showcase your skills and your individuality.


For every assignment, our process includes :

Your needs

Identify specific needs

In-depth analysis of your recruitment project.

Involvement in defining the job description.

Search for candidates

Search for candidate

Selection of CVs that correspond with the position to be filled (sourcing, advertising, direct contact, internal searches in our candidate pool).

Telephon interview.

Face to face interview with skills test.

Reference verification.



Sending hand-picked candidates files to the client.

Organising meetings with the client and candidates.



Taking the job.

On-boarding and follow-up with the candidate after time in the position.